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XPrize has announced a new prize called ANA Avatar

The timeline for this 10M dollar prize is 4 years, and the challenge is for teams to build a solution that can "BRIDGING DISTANCE, TIME, AND CULTURE FOR ALL"

I thing that timing of emerging technologies like VR/AR, AI/NLP, Robotics and growing usage of cloud computing with 5G connectivity will all come together with a natural conversational interfaces in next 3 to 4 years.

These Avatars will be digital-twins for real people, who live in the cloud, and powered my AI with deep neural networks that can speak, earn and behave like a real person.

These robotic Avatars will be able to SEE, HEAR, TOUCH and INTERACT .. Exciting stuff !!

We want to call our future Avatar's "xamvrai"

"xamvrai" is an intelligent personal assistant, that is built using [XR, AR, MR, VR & backed by AI] (pronounced as "Samurai" with a X) as in Japanese means "Highly honorable fighters, they were skilled warriors and were fiercely loyal to their lords". The future of connected world, is about "xamvrai" as "Your highly intelligent digital-twin, who is skillful and personalized through continuous deep learning" living in the cloud wearing a robotic suit, that can See, Hear, Touch and Interact to help bridge distance, time and culture for all.. #ApplyingFUN

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