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Graduated from YC-startupSchool-2017

FaunaFace, is one of the startups that was selected to be part of the 2017 YC-Startup school program.

Startup School is a free 10-week massively open online course (MOOC). The course will begin on April 5th, 2017. Lectures will be posted here weekly.

As a company, we believe in how technology and design can come together to build a platform that can address and make an impact in habits of people in a good way. We see building games as a great way to make this impact.

We design and build games, tools, platforms that are mobile first and are cross platforms across VR & AR and make a good impact

VARcade is a personalized immersive hands-on platform to learn and apply the concepts STEM education.

We are focusing on building personalized and immersive STEM based content that can be delivered in various forms based on the context and the needs of the student.

EdTech global market size for 2020 is expected to be 250B and VR|AR market in 2020 is expected to be 108B.

This is a huge market with lots of problems to be solved to make learning and applying STEM, and making it as fun as play.

We have already developed a prototype and have a pilot with Oakland public school to test on web based chrome books. We plan to bring Math4ALL in 95 languages.

We are in talks with other content partners, H/W partners and organizations/schools to join the platform and make learning STEM as immersive, personalized and practical as possible.

With VR|AR, we will be able to show the application of every concept and how it is related with other concepts and with the environment of the user.

This personalized and practical form of learning is going to make learning STEM easy, fun and accessible to everyone across the globe.

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