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FaunaFace is ready to rock on AWS "Sumerian" - Talk to us!

Amazon Sumerian is a set of tools for creating high-quality virtual reality (VR) experiences on the web. With Sumerian, you can construct an interactive 3D scene without any programming experience, test it in the browser, and publish it as a website that is immediately available to users.

Limited Preview

Amazon Sumerian is in limited preview. Very few developers now have access to this awesome tool.

Use the Sumerian library of assets or bring your own. When you import 3D models, Sumerian converts and optimizes them automatically. Sumerian also has a library of primitive shapes, 3D models, hosts, textures, and scripts.

The Sumerian website has a ton of helpful tutorials for every level of experience.

The Sumerian 3D engine provides a library for advanced scripting with JavaScript, but you don't have to be a programmer to create interactive VR! Use the built-in state machine to animate objects and respond to user actions like clicks and movement.

Developers when ready with their content can publish it directly to Amazon CloudFront as a static website that can be viewed with any WebVR-compatible browser and headset.

Sumerian also lets you create augmented reality (AR) applications. An AR application can use your phone's camera or an AR-compatible headset to overlay graphics on the real world. Sumerian provides a template for creating ARKit applications for iOS phones. For other devices, you can script against the Sumerian engine JavaScript library to perform the required object tracking and motion controls.

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